Sunday, June 15, 2014


When the winds of change blows, there are two types of people. People who build walls or people who create windmills.

Have you heard of the old saying that the Universe has it's own way of bringing two things that are meant to be together and if fate has it that it is your's, it will be no matter how hard you push it away and if it isn't, it will never be?

Well I beg to differ.

I feel like to some extend the Universe.. God.. Whatever-whatchamacallit does have its plans for all of us. We are destined to be somebody, I am sure.

But I also do believe that you change your own fate depending on your attitude and what you do.

Number one. Gratuity and appreciation.

I can't say this enough, but I am a person who thrives on appreciation. If you acknowledge and appreciate the things I do for you or for myself, it just pushes me to want to be better and better and better. But I'm sensitive and weak against criticism (call it my kryptonite!) because it does get to me and makes my self confidence plummet to the ground. That's just the way I am.
But you know what? If I let that bother me I would've been dead by now. I'd probably go crazy like that UCSB dude and start shooting the world for being incessant assholes to me.

....But I know better.
Which brings me to my 2nd deal breaker...


I choose to ignore the haters and live my life the way I want to. Because who's to decide what's good and what's not for me? If I believe I can do something, what makes you think I can't? If what I'm doing makes me happy, then who's to say I'm not doing the right thing? This is my life, not yours. Maybe you should worry about your own instead of what I do.

Fail or succeed, I learn from every decision or choice I make. And I believe that everyone deserves a second chance when they mess up. That's part of life, part of being human.

Always live with love, hope, passion, joy and respect.
Be nice, do the right thing and feel good about it. Avoid things that make you feel bad. Learn to put your foot down and say No if it makes you uncomfortable.
Question everything.
There is no way your life wouldn't go down the right path when you take everything in your stride with kindness, wisdom and a smile.

I think that whatever the universe has set for us is definitely not set in stone. It serves as a steady guideline, something to look forward to, but ultimately the decision is up to you on what the outcome is. Don't let the universe or religion or a higher authority or your friends or even your pet (wtf) tell you what to do. Go out there and be your own leader! Make a difference, make yourself happy.

Are you living the life you want to live?

Here's to the man who taught me to have my own principles and to take no crap from anyone. ---> 
(Not the most high & mighty pic but I think he's cuter in PJ's)
I love you Dad, 
Happy Father's Day.

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